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Felike for Tamyres escort wrote:
You have robbed your BF of any choice in the matter by continuing to lie. And you re lying by omission. see the review
Clegare for Adetolani escort wrote:
That is not love, that's trying to control the outcome to serve your own purposes. see the review
Lowbred for Sudhanthiranagapriya escort wrote:
So we know pretty much regardless of what anyone says, nice or not, that you are going to just keep your trap shut until it all comes out. see the review
Riesling for Vladinka escort wrote:
He will notice the change in you if he already hasn't. He may chalk it up to pregnancy at first, but that will only last so long. If you don;t say something, somebody else will because someone else ALWAYS finds out. see the review
Joke for Inasse escort wrote:
You are fast approaching a Rubicon that you cannot cone back from once you cross it. see the review
Sonauto for Xumo escort wrote:
i feel very sorry for your BF. For you? Not so much. You continue to fuel the fire you have lit. see the review
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