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Israel for Amariliz escort wrote:
I am italian, live in Italy and know very well how italian men think... see the review
Descents for Sunju escort wrote:
Two guys offering a nice we to a couple of hot ladies are thinking they have a goood chance to get laid, and will do everything they can to bed them, I can assure you. Unless they're gay, of course... see the review
Darkling for Emenia escort wrote:
The claim that they might not like them is pure nonsense, they're not trying to marry them, they just want to bang them. not bad looking will do... see the review
Lakelike for Esmeray escort wrote:
That doesn't mean your gf will surely bang some stranger, but she will have to turn down a very insistent courtship, you can bet your ass on that. see the review
Howarth for Sju escort wrote:
What is true is that you can't put your foot down, or tell her what she can or can't do. You can't control her. see the review
Charlsie for Phirawan escort wrote:
But you can control yourself and decide if you want to be in a relationship where all of this is allowed... Because you need to be aware that this will set a precedent and these kind of things will happen again, you were alright with it why would you not be anymore? see the review
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