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Marykay for Arjane escort wrote:
Listen, I've been married for almost three decades now, I wouldn't mind my wife to go on a vacation abroad with a longtime female friend that I know, and she wouldnмt mind me doing the same. see the review
Acidity for Esminna escort wrote:
But this situation is sadly quite different. see the review
Exposit for Jerien escort wrote:
She's going overseas with a relatively recent acquaitance, someone she knows very little about and that you have never seen (or just barely). To me, that would not be appropriate. see the review
Voula for Alna escort wrote:
To have a romantic weekend with some strange guys in a place like the italian seaside is very inappropriate, it would be unacceptable to me, to my wife and more or less to everyone I know... see the review
Souren for Annaledchumy escort wrote:
That's not just being jealous, that's having a very good reason to be jealous. see the review
Merak for Beiyang escort wrote:
You should also consider the fact that the romantic weekend came up some time after she told you about the trip, that's a very bad sign. see the review
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